Yellow Belt!


So I know that I have been terrible at posting and updating my blog. Sorry! Part of it is due to this crazy crazy busy summer. And the other part is that I have a new website. I LOVE IT! My website is awesome. It’s just, um, not been all the way updated. Which is totally my fault. I really need to start finding some more time. Or maybe managing my time better. Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen. At least not until school starts and my big boy heads off to kindergarten (sniff) and my youngest goes to preschool (double sniff).


This summer we’ve been to one karate championship (Drake did very well earning himself a second-place trophy) and one karate seminar (an intensive 3 hour training) where he earned his final stripe which promoted him to a yellow belt. He was very nervous but very proud of himself. We’re proud of him too for sticking with something he likes. I wasn’t sure my 5 year old would stick with karate; I was afraid he’d want to run around or get burnt out but he takes it very seriously and loves every minute. It also comes in handy for using defensive measures when Link, his younger brother, goes on the attack (yeah, sometimes he’s a bit wild).

Hope your summer has been equally fulfilling so far!

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