Summertime and the Living is Easy


This summer in Germany has been great! Last year we barely EVER got out of the 70s. As a girl from the Midwest, I’m used to 90+ degree temperatures. In fact, that’s the only time I’ll go swimming. Less than 90 and it’s just too cold! This year we’ve been in the 90s a few weeks so far, but then it’ll rain and cool off a bit. I can tell you from experience that 90 degree weather without AC does kind of stink.



DSC_2300 DSC_2306  DSC_2323


We splurged this year and spoiled the boys. Mainly because we wanted them to have loads of fun and we are living vicariously…but that’s another story. We purchased one of those inflatable water parks. The kids LOVE it. It’s rather large, which is great for play dates, and has a slide (tons of fun) and a sports area. Our favorite game to play right now is volleyball. Drake’s getting the hang of it and it provides fun for me too.

It’s been really great so far to just hang outside and watch the boys have fun. I can sit in a loungechair andDSC_2318 get a few moments of peace to myself while they’re having a ball. Honestly, it’s been a great investment and I can’t wait til we move back to the States (where it’s warmer!) and we can get some more use out of it.

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