Spring has Sprung!

After what was the coldest winter (and darkest) on record for Germany, it seems that spring is finally here! And it didn’t come soon enough for me. But I’m more than happy to welcome it with open arms. And I won’t even complain when it melds into summer much too soon (which I know will happen), even when I know there’s no AC in Germany. I will not complain, but will rejoice in the day that the Lord has made! That’s my goal, anyway.

So here’s a few updates for you, which also explain my absence:
1. We went to Amsterdam. Which was amazing! I know it’s the stoner capital of the world but we weren’t there for that (neither I nor the hubby do drugs, for the record and in case you’re keeping score at home. And now that I typed that I feel like I need to say my children do not either, but they’re 3 and 5 so that should be a given). We found some amazing architecture, history, and museums. It was a great city. I hope to post some tips and some photos soon. And by soon I mean as soon as life calms down.

2. We came home for about a month, continued battling the DODDS (read: military) schools to get Lincoln the care / education he requires and deserves. We won some battles and lost some more, but atleast progress is progress.

3. We’ve continued the speech therapy for Link’s dysarthria, and he’s coming along splendidly. I just watched a video the other night shot on my iPad. It was Christmastime and Drake saw a shooting star and thought it was Santa Claus so he was yelling up at the sky for Santa to come down. Link got in the spirit and came into the frame at the end and yelled the equivalent of, “yaskjhljgl;kaj khjdlkajsl;kj a dkfajslkdfj!” It really was unintelligible. But now he carries on complete conversations with us and we understand about 75% of what he says. I’m amazed every day at how much progress he is making. And I’m thankful.

4. Continuing with that thought train, we also enrolled Drake in drop-off speech at the local elementary. He’s habituated some words/pronunciations and we’re having a hard time breaking him of it. He can say a perfect D, but things like doggy are still “goggy.” It also appears he has some hearing issues, as he can’t tell the difference between B and V for instance. I learned today that “bye” and “five” sound exactly the same to his ears. No wonder it’s harder on him to pronounce things correctly. Hopefully we’ll get some answers soon for him.

5. We also took a trip to London and Dublin, which were AMAZING. I definitely need to post some tips and recommendations for it. And also, I want to live there.

6. Drake’s now enrolled in t-ball. He’s doing really great with it and enjoying it, which is much more important to me. The kid hits the ball tossed at him better than off the tee though, so we’re working on that at home. It’s so much fun to be able to share my love of sports with my children. Link’s too young to play yet, but he enjoys being our bat boy.

So I think that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll have an update in a much more timely manner, but in the grand scheme of things, please know that my family comes first, my business second, and the blog is somewhere near the end but don’t think I don’t love you for reading this. :)

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