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This summer in Germany has been great! Last year we barely EVER got out of the 70s. As a girl from the Midwest, I’m used to 90+ degree temperatures. In fact, that’s the only time I’ll go swimming. Less than 90 and it’s just too cold! This year we’ve been in the 90s a few weeks so far, but then it’ll rain and cool off a bit. I can tell you from experience that 90 degree weather without AC does kind of stink.





We splurged this year and spoiled the boys. Mainly because we wanted them to have loads of fun and we are living vicariously…but that’s another story. We purchased one of those inflatable water parks. The kids LOVE it. It’s rather large, which is great for play dates, and has a slide (tons of fun) and a sports area. Our favorite game to play right now is volleyball. Drake’s getting the hang of it and it provides fun for me too.

It’s been really great so far to just hang outside and watch the boys have fun. I can sit in a loungechair and get a few moments of peace to myself while they’re having a ball. Honestly, it’s been a great investment and I can’t wait til we move back to the States (where it’s warmer!) and we can get some more use out of it.


So I know that I have been terrible at posting and updating my blog. Sorry! Part of it is due to this crazy crazy busy summer. And the other part is that I have a new website. I LOVE IT! My website is awesome. It’s just, um, not been all the way updated. Which is totally my fault. I really need to start finding some more time. Or maybe managing my time better. Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen. At least not until school starts and my big boy heads off to kindergarten (sniff) and my youngest goes to preschool (double sniff).

This summer we’ve been to one karate championship (Drake did very well earning himself a second-place trophy) and one karate seminar (an intensive 3 hour training) where he earned his final stripe which promoted him to a yellow belt. He was very nervous but very proud of himself. We’re proud of him too for sticking with something he likes. I wasn’t sure my 5 year old would stick with karate; I was afraid he’d want to run around or get burnt out but he takes it very seriously and loves every minute. It also comes in handy for using defensive measures when Link, his younger brother, goes on the attack (yeah, sometimes he’s a bit wild).

Hope your summer has been equally fulfilling so far!


So I love the internet. That should really be no surprise. But I love to look at sites that make me giggle. My favorite is TheMetaPicture. I go there daily to get a good laugh and hardly a day passes without some mention of cats or a cute photo of a cat. Sometimes I think that cats are taking over the internet. While personally I’m a dog person, I do love animals of any type. And I love Moms. Which leads nicely into my next free printable: a cat mother’s day card! Okay so maybe it didn’t segueway as nicely as it could have, but I haven’t had my cup of coffee yet so you don’t get to judge.

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After what was the coldest winter (and darkest) on record for Germany, it seems that spring is finally here! And it didn’t come soon enough for me. But I’m more than happy to welcome it with open arms. And I won’t even complain when it melds into summer much too soon (which I know will happen), even when I know there’s no AC in Germany. I will not complain, but will rejoice in the day that the Lord has made! That’s my goal, anyway.

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So a good friend of mine, Erin, of A Bird and a Bean recently collaborated with a friend of hers for Cards that Care.  I LOVE this idea.  She explains it way better than I ever could, but it’s a great way to give back in a small, meaningful way.

Cards that Care

Apparently there are many heart and stroke patients out there in hospitals who have no family or friends. Can you imagine? You’ve just suffered a horrible ordeal, all alone. No letters, no cards, no visits. So here’s where we step in. Every month create 5 handmade cards that can be delivered to a patient that has no one else to care for them. Show them that someone out there is thinking of them in some small way. It might be the only ray of sunshine that they have that day.

Like Erin says, it’s also a great way to teach my children about giving back. They live spoiled, entitled lives (my fault, not theirs) and I want them to be selfless, gracious, and generous. Unfortunately, these are qualities that we have to teach. They aren’t innate. With my children being 3 and 5, it’s hard to find volunteer opportunities for them, and especially ones that are fun (who said volunteering had to be boring?). But this 5 Card Challenge fits right in. Every month we’ll be making 5 handmade cards that can be delivered to patients. Join us in this challenge! You can find more information on where to drop off the cards and contact information over HERE.

So the only action that my blog lately has seen is the random spammer with their, “Wow! Really great thoughtful post, here’s my blog {insert hyperlink here}” spam. That’s really very sad. I’m sorry for the absence and really hope to write more soon.

One of the many reasons I’m too distracted to write most days

At my husband’s suggestion, I’ve created an excel spreadsheet of my day which details what I should be doing at any given time. It’s kind of absurd to think that I need it, but so far it’s been invaluable. That being said, you can find me mostly over at the wonderful Erin’s blog, A Bird and a Bean.

You’ll find some clever crafting tips, neat giveaways and of course, my free printables. There’s some cute clover leaf St. Patrick’s printables over there now. Go check it out.