So I know this isn’t a new idea by any stretch of the imagination, but we had a lot of fun with it. We created stamps from potatoes (I had red fingerling potatoes in the house as I am obsessed with roasted potatoes).

What we did: Mommy carved a heart into a few potatoes, then poured some different colored paint into plastic-coated disposable plates (I suppose you could be fancy and use palettes if you have them!), then let the boys go to town.

Perfect indoor craft for little hands, especially if you have a toddler (like me) who lacks fine motor skills. We ended up with quite a few lovely sheets of hearts, so we wrote a short message to Daddy and tucked it into his deployment bag.

Yay! I’m thinking these would also look great this time of year with leaves carved into the potatoes or snowflakes.

So there’s an awesome (atleast in my not-so-humble opinion) free Thanksgiving printable up over at A Bird and a Bean. You can go check it out HERE. Since I created it for Erin as a contributor and I want it to remain on her website before I post it on my own, I won’t post a photo here but will tell you that it’s a fun, hand-lettered chalkboard inspired design. Fun! Go check it out. You won’t regret it.

So I have a piece of exciting news… I’m going to be a contributor to another blog. For a wonderful person whom I just happen to love! I love their blog too, so it’s win-win! I’m going to be filling in the role of “free printables” so I can’t wait to show you all what I’ve been working on. I’m really excited for it. As soon as it’s up I’ll let you guys know so that you can go check it out for yourselves.

Anyway, today is Link’s first parent-teacher conference. I can’t wait to get some feedback. I know that he’s been learning a lot (colors, shapes, numbers, etc.) but I want to know more. Since he doesn’t have all the words to tell me, our typical ride home consists of me asking how his day was, “Good,” and what he did, “Um…play…paint.”

Yesterday, for the first time I think, he used an adverb. We were snuggling on the couch watching Polar Express (that movie creeps me out, anyone else?) and it was snowing. He turned to me and said, “I really want snow.” I was blown away! This kid hardly ever forms complete sentences and hardly ever uses I and then even threw in an adverb. If it had been within my power I would have made it snow right there and then for the kid! I’m excited to see all of his progress.

So I’m way behind (big surprise, I know) with holiday designs. I just don’t feel right putting out holiday/Christmas designs yet. But since everyone else is, and I risk losing business, I had better hop to! With that being said, I’ve posted a few in my store.

I really love the rustic feel of this one with the modern spin on typography (it’s got some great fonts). Another one of my recent listings:

  It’s got a whimsical feel with the swirly Christmas tree, fun ornaments, and bright colors like coral and aqua blue. Check out my store soon for more additions.

So a lot, and I mean A LOT, has happened these past few months. I’ve been incredibly busy and preoccupied but here’s a rundown of things:

1. I quit my daytime job so I can devote more time to my family, including my son who has speech dysarthria and has numerous doctors / therapy appointments

2. My dysarthric son had ear tubes in/adenoids and tonsils out. They seem to be working wonders. I know some people are on the fence about tonsillectomies, but this child no longer has sleep apnea nor snoring. It’s improved the quality of the sounds he can produce as well. Win-win!

3. We went to Disneyland Paris and Legoland Deutschland. They. Were. Amazing. Love the memories that we created and maybe one of these days I’ll post some information/tips/photos.

4. I realized that I’m frustrated by the lack of information out there about children with speech dysarthria (if you google it you’ll find it’s mostly in older patients, particularly stroke patients, who have had some sort of head trauma). I’m frustrated that we’re not sure what we’re in for, nor how far Lincoln can go, and that there’s just NO ONE out there. Then I realized, hey, I can blog about it. I can be the start. There might some other mother out there that’s just getting the dysarthric diagnosis for her child and she might want to find some answers (I have none) or atleast some camaraderie (I have plenty). So if I start rambling about my child and his speech / motor delays, you know why.

Well, those are the main points, I think. I do plan on becoming more active in my blog. I really enjoy reading other blogs, reading comments, etc. so I hope that I can get back into it. Like everything else in life, I think I’ll just have to make time for it.

I love the song, “You are my Sunshine.” The lyrics are just addictive and sweet. I know there’s tons of free printables or nursery art out there in this theme (think Little Miss Sunshine birthday parties), but I wanted to create something too. Simple, modern lines and bright happy colors. Makes a wonderful card or nursery print. Please follow the link to the download for the 8×10 size below.

Download the 8×10 digital print HERE.

Please respect my work and don’t try to pass the design off as your own, or resell it. Please don’t distribute it in any way, but if you want to share the design, please share this blog post. Thanks!

Designs copyright 2012 by Amy Proffitt.