Inspiration from Pinterest strikes again! I found myself this morning with about 3 hours of spare time. My options to fill that time were: a) nap, b) be crafty, or c) clean the house. Option A was awfully tempting but alas today for some reason I’m wide awake. So I opted for Option B since it sounds like so much more fun than Option C. I re-created this fun road monogram that I found on pinterest:

My monograms aren’t as exact as the original pin, but I wanted them to be more child-like. I used black construction paper, cut out the letters I needed (D for Drake, L for Lincoln and then P for Proffitt), glued them onto a white piece of paper, then with chalk added my lanes. I used hot-glue to glue my cars onto my streets. I also made these smaller (the D and L are 8×10 size) so I used the party supply cars (you know, the ones that come as favors). They were also cheaper than purchasing hot wheels. Voila! Super cute artwork for the playroom on the dime.

This week’s challenge over at A Step in the Journey is bokeh. One of my favoritest things to capture! I love setting up my camera to blur my background and sometimes even adding in more bokeh on my processed images. Unfortunately, I just have not had much time to get anything done. I would feel like such a slacker, except for I’m incredibly busy with other things, just non-bloggy things. Here’s my single lonely capture of bokeh for this week.

Check out more bokeh in all its glory over at A Step in the Journey

So things have been crazy hectic around here. I’m still trying to catch up. I keep adding things to my to-do list without ever crossing any off. It’s kinda getting pathetic. I might just have to put things on there that are easy, like “kiss the kids.” Then I can feel all accomplished for the day!

At any rate, I’ve been listing some new holiday Christmas card designs in my store. I’m really excited about them and I have a few more in mind that I need to work on, but that’s only when I find the time. All available at my store HERE.

There’s either a white or a black border aroudn these images that won’t be printed on your card if you choose one of my designs. It’s just the easiest way to format them and make them square for etsy’s photo restrictions. All designs are completely customizable and more can be found at my store HERE.

This week’s (ELEVEN!) challenge of the 20 Week Photography Challenge is orange. Again, I had such high ambitions of getting things done around here and then having plenty of time to snap away til my heart’s content. It didn’t happen. I did manage to snap two orange items for you…

Some orange popsicle sticks, and red, and purple, and..

These circus signs are showing up everywhere around here. They’re kinda creepy.

So there you have it. My pitiful attempts at orange. But maybe this weekend I’ll finally get to the pumpkin patch or the castle at the top of our city to shoot some lovely fall foliage.  Linking up to the challenge HERE.

Inspiration from Pinterest strikes again! I’ve seen it several times pinned all over pinterest, so I just had to do it myself: a cork monogram. I actually just did one initial (for our last name). It turned out really really cute, so I made one for my brother as well for Christmas (shh..don’t tell him!). His kitchen’s decorated in a wine theme so his cork monogram should be absolutely cute and fitting.

I tried two different versions of the monogram, one with the corkends showing and one with the long sides showing. I can’t figure out which one I like better. The one with the corks on their end definitely takes a lot more corks, but I think it’s a more substantial piece in the end. There’s really no tutorial here, since it’s just as easy as it looks: you layout your letter, then once you’re happy with it, hot glue the corks together. The M initial got a bit unwieldy and unsturdy due to its size, so I hotglued popsicle sticks to the backside as bracers. Thank you, Pinterest and all its wonderfully creative people!

This week’s photography challenged hosted by A Step in the Journey is Hands. We have plenty of cute little hands around here. Hands that get into trouble, hands that get messy, hands that explore their world, and hands that give hugs and caresses. Here’s some of my favorite hands shots this week:

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