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So I’ve been absolutely terrible about writing on here. Which is sad. I really like opening up and posting designs and “meeting” wonderful people. There’s such a wealth of information on the internet and I meet some of the most amazing people through here. At any rate, things here have been hectic. I guess that goes without saying. I’ve had two sick boys, a sick husband and a sick me to take care of. You can guess which one got put on the back burner.

I know my last message was kind of dark, well, really dark for me, but I guess you could say I had the world’s most horrible birthday. It was pretty awful and I guess the real problem is that I had expectations. Whenever you set yourself up like that, you’re bound to be disappointed. It wasn’t that I wanted anything amazing or outlandish; just to be recognized. Without two sick kiddoes would have been great too. I hate when my babies are sick.

Speaking of sick, we’re finally (KNOCK ON WOOD) over everything, I think. Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully. Took Link to the doctor today to check out his rash; in my opinion it should have gone away and not gotten worse over the weekend. They were calling it a medicinal reaction rash, but if that’s true and his last dose was Wednesday, why was it so bad on Saturday and Sunday?!

We took him to the doctor today and he’s not convinced that it’s a medical reaction but he’s not convinced otherwise either. Very helpful. (sigh) It’s actually looking much better today so we’re just keeping tabs on it. The doctor says that it most likely isn’t anything else since he just had strep throat and scarlet fever so he shouldn’t have any other bug. To me, that’s ridiculous logic. I would think that his immune system would be compromised so it’s perfectly logical that he could have something else (like fifth’s disease). But our doctor is mostly..well, I won’t go there because it just makes me upset. Going to go online today and request a new doctor. That should fix atleast some of our problems! Hopefully you all had a much better week of things!

So today’s my birthday. I didn’t plan on posting anything since the entire household has come down with strep throat and/or scarlet fever and things have been a bit hectic to say the least. That and I don’t want to seem like I’m begging for sympathy or just wanting people to say “Happy Birthday.” But my husband, who is in Italy for work, was sweet and left me two birthday cards. One was signed by the kids and one was signed by him. The one signed by him read, “You’re an awesome mommy and pretty good wife.” Am I reading that correctly or am I reading into things? Pretty good? Isn’t that like getting a C in a class? You’re pretty good, but you’re not great. You’re not terrible either, just pretty good. I can’t say why, but this is just breaking my heart today. Maybe it’s everything else compounded on the issue, but the “pretty” is like the proverbial straw breaking the camel’s back. Or it was the dam holding back the tears. I’m not really good at analogies right now. This is what had to say about the definition of pretty:

pretty: [prit-ee]  -ti·er, -ti·est, noun, plural -ties, adverb, verb, -tied, -ty·ing.

adjective: fairly or moderately: Her work was pretty good.

Is that the way you would read that? Or am I reading into things? I know I’m not the best wife in the world. I wish I was, but I know I’m not. But isn’t it pretty crappy to be reminded of how utterly lacking you are in that department on your thirtieth birthday? Someone please tell me I’m crazy and reading into things.

With the passing of the Christmas and New Years holidays, there’s not much to look forward to here except for Valentine’s Day. It’s not a major holiday, of course, but I have fun letting the kids color and create Valentines for their little friends (and their family). I created these valentines for them last year:

They had a lot of fun coloring them and I love the vintage or cheesy sayings. Here’s the already colored version: Now I’m sharing them with you! You can download the already colored in sheet by CLICKING THIS LINK. You can download the coloring sheet version (black and white) by CLICKING THIS LINK. I hope to have a newer Valentine’s printable soon so stay tuned!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. Oops! Things always seem so hectic and then I’m not even sure where all the time goes. At any rate, I’ve posted some new designs in store. I’m really excited about them.

Have a little one who loves all things that go? I know I have two like that. By plane, train or automobile, however you go, invite your guests in style!

Cookie Monster! How cute is this invitation? I think it’d be really great to actually cut out the top left corner of the invitation, just like he had taken a bite out of it.

Wild thing in your house with a party coming up? Invite your guests with this rockstar inspired design. 

I love this western and rustic invitation. Great for a cowboy or cowgirl.

Have a zoo of a party with this safari animals invitation. Design features giraffe, jaguar, monkey, zebra and lion.

I finally got around to designing an owl invitation. I know the owl theme is really popular so I’m a bit behind the times with just now listing it, but oh well. Better late than never, right? Also, I just have to say, the first five designs have photos of my boys. Aren’t they gorgeous? Yeah, I’m that mom. The one who’s always bragging about how beautiful–inside and out–her children are.

I know this post is a little late in coming, but I figured better late than never. The weekend before Christmas (which somehow seems sooo long ago already) we went to a Christmas market in Rudesheim. Germany and most of Europe is known for their Christmas markets, but this was a really fun one. We met up with some friends of ours and we braved the cold (seriously Mother Nature, quit making it so darn cold without the white stuff to make it worthwhile!).

To get there, we had to take a ferry across the river (the Rhein I believe). If that had been all that we did the entire day the boys would still have been thrilled. You would have thought the ten minute ferry ride was the BEST. THING. EVAR! Okay, so I was a little excited about it too. The city didn’t disappoint us either. I suspect that at any time of the year the city’s wonderful to behold but it was even neater with the entire center being closed to traffic and filled with fragrant and colorful market stalls.

We managed to eat our weight I think that day. We had french fries, hot dogs (wursts), hot cocoa, kartoffeln soup (potato soup) in a bread bowl, and chocolate covered strawberries on a stick. And that’s only what I remember. There may have been more, but I won’t admit to it now.

Honestly it’s days like these that make me absolutely fall in love with Europe all over again, even if sometimes I’m homesick and lonely. There’s nothing like this back in the States.

This Christmas the boys and I have had several crafty fun times. One of my favorite times was creating these snowglobe ornaments. They’re really easy to make and are really inexpensive. They’re made from juice can lids (the frozen from concentrate cans in the freezer section), scrapbook paper, plastic soda bottles, and some crafty embellishments.

Here’s What You’ll Need: knife, empty coke plastic bottle, juice can lid, drill, ribbon, glitter and glue or nail polish, scrapbook paper, scissors, 2″ circular punch (optional), embellishments for inside your snowglobe (I used mini bottle brush trees and ceramic figurines, plus fake snow).

Here’s What You’ll Do:

Step 1: Gather the aforementioned supplies. Step 2: Cut down your empty coke plastic bottles. You’ll want to make it as even as possible. I used a serrated kitchen knife and it worked really well. You can recycle the bottom part of the bottle but keep the top along with the cap.  Step 3: With a power drill, drill a small hole into the top of the lid. Go all the way through the plastic and be sure your hole is large enough for your ribbon or string to go through. Step 4 & 5: Use glue to coat the entire top and sides of the bottle’s cap, then use glitter to coat the surface. An easier alternative is to use a bottle of nail polish. I had several that had glittery shimmerly colors, but then I embellished it by adding extra glitter (the nailpolish acts as your glue). It’s really easy since the nailpolish already comes with a mini brush! Step 6: String the ribbon or twine through the hole you drilled in the top of the bottle cap. I added a bit of hot glue to the cap to make sure the string would stay in place. You want this ribbon to be your ornament loop so make sure you have enough of a loop to be able to hang it on your tree. Step 7: Punch or cut out a circle for each side of your metal juice can lid. Step 8: Glue the scrapbook or patterned paper circle onto each side of your metal juice can lid. Step 9: Glue the snowglobe embellishments onto the top of your juice can lid. Step 10: Using fake snow, glitter, or anything else you’d like, place some into the top of your bottle cap. Then carefully (or else you’ll have a mess) turn the bottle top over and place it on top of the juice can lid. Hot glue around the edges, adhering the bottle onto the juice can lid. Try to be neat about it, but you’ll be covering the edge in ribbon anyway so make sure you have a good bond. Step 11: Wrap (while hotgluing) the bottom and/or the top around your bottle cap with some pretty ribbon. Embellish it however you’d like. It really helps to do the bottom with a ribbon edge since it hides any sloppy hotgluing work! Step 12: Hang it on your tree and enjoy!