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I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy meals, especially since I don’t like to cook particularly and my children are inevitably picky eaters. One meal that I can get them to eat is Stuffed Green Peppers. I inherited this gem of a recipe from my mom but I’m not sure where she got the original. → Read more

So look what happened around here lately (okay, not lately, in November past, but still…): My baby boy, my sweet little guy, is now five. I know I say it every year, and I probably will for every year that follows, but where does the time go? → Read more

So a good friend of mine, Erin, of A Bird and a Bean recently collaborated with a friend of hers for Cards that Care.  I LOVE this idea.  She explains it way better than I ever could, but it’s a great way to give back in a small, meaningful way.

Cards that Care

Apparently there are many heart and stroke patients out there in hospitals who have no family or friends. Can you imagine? You’ve just suffered a horrible ordeal, all alone. No letters, no cards, no visits. So here’s where we step in. Every month create 5 handmade cards that can be delivered to a patient that has no one else to care for them. Show them that someone out there is thinking of them in some small way. It might be the only ray of sunshine that they have that day.

Like Erin says, it’s also a great way to teach my children about giving back. They live spoiled, entitled lives (my fault, not theirs) and I want them to be selfless, gracious, and generous. Unfortunately, these are qualities that we have to teach. They aren’t innate. With my children being 3 and 5, it’s hard to find volunteer opportunities for them, and especially ones that are fun (who said volunteering had to be boring?). But this 5 Card Challenge fits right in. Every month we’ll be making 5 handmade cards that can be delivered to patients. Join us in this challenge! You can find more information on where to drop off the cards and contact information over HERE.

So the only action that my blog lately has seen is the random spammer with their, “Wow! Really great thoughtful post, here’s my blog {insert hyperlink here}” spam. That’s really very sad. I’m sorry for the absence and really hope to write more soon.

One of the many reasons I’m too distracted to write most days

At my husband’s suggestion, I’ve created an excel spreadsheet of my day which details what I should be doing at any given time. It’s kind of absurd to think that I need it, but so far it’s been invaluable. That being said, you can find me mostly over at the wonderful Erin’s blog, A Bird and a Bean.

You’ll find some clever crafting tips, neat giveaways and of course, my free printables. There’s some cute clover leaf St. Patrick’s printables over there now. Go check it out.

So I’m way behind on posting this, we’ve been really busy lately and then we’ve had some issues arise (which I’m being vague about on purpose)… so anyway, here’s days 4, 5 and 6 now.

Day 4: joyous (totally cheated and took a photo of a canvas on my wall as both boys are sick now and aren’t in the best joyous moods)

Day 5: the temp today (34 degrees)

Day 6: shopping (a package bought for a friend’s son’s birthday)